From behind the mask

Where is your PPE made?

Well, not very much of it is made in the US.  In fact, a medical insider tells us that 90 per cent, yes, nearly all of our PPE are made outside the US and imported. And where are they made?  China tops the list. Chinese manufacturers make the majority of the PPE we...

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Why do we put up with this “red tape”?

We are facing a serious problem: a shortage of hospital beds for COVID-19 patients.  And yet, we have a piece of state-based protectionist law called “certificate of need” or “CON Law” that is “artificially” suppressing the amount of medical equipment, beds and...

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What if an employee tests positive?

Do we close our office? Call the CDC? Get tested?  No one expects hospitals to be germ and infection free. Expectations are LOW given the work environment. But for private practices this may often be the worst-case scenario. Could they “blacklist” us?Patients expect...

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The August PPE shortage…how bad is it?

By late spring, the American healthcare sector was so desperate for PPE that even car giant Ford and cap-maker Stormy Kromer started making masks to fill the gap.  It didn’t work…PPE inventory is dangerously low in August.  The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)...

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Can patients get away with “Moonshine” masks?

I love moonshine, but finding some that doesn’t give me a whopping hangover isn’t easy. That’s because home brews can be both amazing AND inconsistent in quality. So why would it be any different for masks? There is HUGE VARIATION in effectiveness. If patients are...

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Can Doctors enforce “no mask, no service”?

Maybe. But there are so many reasons why Americans refuse to wear face-masks. Some say masks block their facial expressions. Others say it gives the government power to take away their freedom. For most, it is political because Trump doesn’t wear one. Many are taking...

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