The August PPE shortage…how bad is it?

by Aug 22, 2020Insights

By late spring, the American healthcare sector was so desperate for PPE that even car giant Ford and cap-maker Stormy Kromer started making masks to fill the gap. 

It didn’t workPPE inventory is dangerously low in August. 

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) publishes an up-to-date list of devices in short supply or discontinued. It was made available as part of new legislation (the CARES Act).

Here’s what America is running out of now:

  1. Device Shortage List: a huge list of PPE with moderate to severe shortages.
  2. Device Discontinuance List: currently, Becton, Dickinson & Company’s Bodyguard Infusion Pump System and microsets are the only items listed as stopped. 

The FDA will not disclose the names of manufacturers with low inventory to curb hoarding, which can disrupt the availability of PPE to patients who really need it.

No joke. We JUST spoke with America’s #1 nitrile glove supplier yesterday who said they can’t get nitrile. Raw material is in such short supply that they are selling vinyl hybrids!!!

The PPE crisis is full blown. So make sure you have enough on hand.

ActionPPE sources direct. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be pressure on the entire supply chain. Booking flights this spring was nearly impossible. We don’t anticipate any major disruptions but we also can’t predict what might happen if things get worse. 

To help you do that, the CDC created a PPE Burn Rate Calculator. It is a spreadsheet that can help you calculate how much PPE you actually need based on the number of patients you receive and what you currently have in stock. 

The tool will calculate the average consumption rate also referred to as a “burn rate,” for each type of PPE entered. 

It’s simple to use and comes with clear instructions. Download it here.

There is even an app for for iPhone or Android

By Tom Steenhuysen ~ JustCallMeTom. 😉

About me? I’m one of the founders of the ActionPPE movement since day one. I’ve been working for the Charleston County Medical Society for over a decade.
I’m grateful to be able to help and humbled by all the support. Thank you!