“The buying collective saved independent doctors in our communities from closing their doors ⎯ when patients needed them most.”

Dr. Marcelo Hochman, Founder ActionPPE
President, Charleston County Medical Society

Over 5M Units of PPE Shipped

Delivering vital PPE and medical supplies to independent physicians
overlooked by traditional channels

Doctor-led Collective

When COVID-19 struck, doctors unaffiliated with large health systems and hospitals faced unprecedented PPE shortages – with solo practices and small offices particularly hard hit. Their choice was clear: risk personal, staff and patient safety or close their doors. Both unacceptable.

Action in Crisis

Believing strongly that those involved in a problem need to find solutions, Dr. Marcelo Hochman, cosmetic surgeon in private practice and president of the Charleston County Medical Society (CCMS) took action. He and a handful of colleagues leveraged their connections to locate the necessary supplies. CCMS founded ActionPPE in March 2020.

Local to Nationwide

What started as a local effort to help doctors get essential PPE to treat patients and protect themselves has evolved into a nationwide buying collective made possible through decades-long relationships with suppliers, such as Honeywell, and collaborations with medical associations across the country.

Partnering State by State

The momentum was just beginning. Leveraging long-standing peer relationships, ActionPPE connected with medical societies in other states, beginning with Arizona, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Additional protective items were added to the website. Today, the ActionPPE group buying collective works with medical, dental, and other healthcare associations in over 40 states.

Offer PPE to Your Members

Apply now to offer essential PPE to your members and benefit from special group buying opportunities for items in limited supply.

Why ActionPPE?

  • Over 5M units of PPE shipped!
  • PPE is FDA-certified
  • Proprietary testing guarantees no counterfeits
  • Access high-value items in limited supply
  • Save 20-50% on PPE costs